76% of diners want a digital menu option.


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Stop printing your menus every day

7 out of 10 diners want a digital menu option when dining out in this "new normal."
Digital menus are safe, secure, and pain free way to view your menu from your
customers own mobile device.

Did you know?

76% of customers want a digital menu option.
Check out our 8,511 customer survey featured on Forbes.

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Your "Contact-Free" Menu Solution

Here's what we do for you

Cost: Absolutely Free

Is it really free?

Yes! Our service will be free forever for your business.

What makes us different?

Our menu service is absolutely free.

We don't have multi-location limits.

We won’t limit your menus.

We won’t run ads.

There is no catch.

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Hear about our client’s success
with VIPinsiders

Usman Dhani, President of Operations, Cyclone Anaya's (6 units)

"In the restaurant industry there's a lot to do every day,
this has been probably the easiest marketing tool we've
ever used. VIPinsiders has increased our sales and our
servers are making more money, which means they're a
lot happier!"

Todd Weaver, Owner, Woodson's Local Tap + Kitchen (2 Units)

"The reason why this was such a great marketing choice
for us is because the customer retention feature,
VIPinsiders allows us to award free pretzels or even a
free beer for a customers first time, now we're seeing
customers come in 2-3 times per month which is a HUGE
for our business."

Santiago Palaez, Owner, Zanti Cucina Italiana

"What separates YOUR restaurant from competition
and has guests come in 2-3 times per week? It's having
a guest turn into a VIP. When a guest doesn't come
back to our restaurant we know VIPinsiders will reach
out to them and invite them back automatically. Our
sales have definitely increased!"

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You will work with our menu experts to make the perfect “Contact-Free”
digital menu for your business.

"I get asked a lot - Why are
we doing this for free?"

Hi, I'm Philipp Sitter.

I'm the co-founder and CEO of VIPinsiders.

We’re a technology company that provides mobile loyalty & rewards
solutions for small businesses.

Since founding our company in 2018 we have grown to service our
partners all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

I am a 5th Generation restaurateur originally from Vienna, Austria, we
moved to Houston, Tx back in 1996.

Being a restaurant owner myself (4 locations in Texas), I fully
sympathize with the crisis we are all experiencing right now.

It's our mission at VIPinsiders to help in any way we can.

We believe in adding value first - not asking for business first.

Doing this “Free Digital Menu” service gives us a great opportunity to
begin a professional dialogue with our future customers.

It gives us the opportunity to open a conversation about our core
business - Loyalty & Rewards Platforms.

If you are not interested in our core business, just need the free digital
menus, that’s totally fine!

We believe it’s our responsibility to help save restaurants.

This is me helping the 5-yr old Philipp, sleeping by the fridge, while his
Mom and Dad are working day & night to save the family business.

If we can help in this small way, we are grateful to do so.


Join 984 Companies who got their
Free Digital Menus last month!

100% Free Service. No Strings Attached.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our
menus turned out incredible and it was a
super fast turnaround time."

Alissa Troutman

Uncorked Bar & Restaurant

"Wow. I was reprinting my menus daily
just to be thrown away! We’re saving
money and making our customers
happy. VIPinsiders did an amazing job
customizing this to my brand."

Tony Mazza

Mazza Italian Restaurant

What you'll get:

Create & Host your QR Code for a
digital menu.

Optimize your menu for a
contact-free, digital format.

Host your menu for you online.
*So you won't have another expense
hiring a webmaster

Design ALL in-store promotional
print materials *Stickers for tables,
handouts to customers, etc.


Get your Free QR Code Menu Now

Fill out the form below and schedule a quick strategy call.

You will work with our menu experts to make the perfect "Contact-Free" digital
menu for your business.

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