Birthday Automation

Over 80% of customers visit a restaurant on
their birthday, let’s make sure it’s yours.

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Say goodbye to the outdated
restaurant marketing

Too many emails and coupons are sent to your customers on their birthday. With
VIPinsiders, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

The power of birthday

Personalized B-Day SMS

All of our members will receive a
personalized text message on their
birthday with a unique offer to come
into your restaurant. Their only job
- to bring friends!

A compelling Birthday offer
straight to their phone

When your customer visits on their
birthday, they'll have their offer right on
the phone, ready to celebrate with their
friends and family.

Making all promotions easy and
more effective than ever before

See all the ways we make
promotions easy and automatic
for your restaurant marketing.

From Happy Hour, to increasing
lunch sales, weekly specials,
our technology does
the work for you.


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