SMS Marketing

Text the right message at the right time to
make a direct impact on your sales.

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Plant Embelishment

Say goodbye to slow days

At VIPinsiders, we harness the power of directly marketing straight to your
customers phone (without having to pay the middleman)


Things you need to
know about SMS

Text message marketing made
easy for restaurants


Have a special you want to promote over
the weekend? What about your Happy
Hour? Maybe a reminder for a special event
you're hosting? You will have the power to
text all your customers the right message
at the right time. For example - Friday at
5pm for a Happy Hour Reminder!

Limited Time Offers

Want your members to come in tonight to
try your new appetizer? We make it easy to
send them an incentive and add an
expiration date to increase urgency.

Event promotions

Our SMS scheduling software can
automatically send a text message to your
customers a month, a week, or even an
hour before your event - directly to your
customers phone. Making sure that right
when they're thinking where to go tonight,
they're reminded about your event.

Lost Customers?

Want to have your customers come in
more often? Our Einstein Retention
software will automatically text your
customer with an offer if they haven't been
back in 30, 60, 90+ days! You'll never lose
another customer again.

Birthday Texts

VIPinsiders will automatically text your
customer on their birthday week with a
special offer. With our 98% open rate, your
restaurant will be on top of their mind
when booking their birthday reservations.

Multi-Unit Solution

Want to increase traffic or run a special
promotion at one location but not the
other? No problem. We give you the ability
to send a text to all your customers or just
those at a specific location.

Are you a local restaurant owner?

Let's schedule a demo to see if VIPinsiders is the right fit for your restaurant
marketing strategies.

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