How it Works

We build your custom VIP platform and
then bring guests in more often.

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What does VIPinsiders do?

We grow your sales with one powerful mobile
rewards and loyalty platform made exclusively for the restaurant industry.
It's a plug & play system.

Features that delight your customers

We build your platform with
our team of experts

Our team uses your branding, logos, and
current promotions to build a truly
customized mobile platform. Our
marketing experts will review your menu
and create a compelling rewards
structure for your restaurant.

Your customers easily sign
up and check-in with their

98% of customers rate our platforms easy
to use for their team and their customers.
A customer signs up from the convenience
of their smartphone with a customer URL
we provide.
We even provide all the printed materials
and social media template to make
customer sign-ups that much easier!

Your customers will get
rewarded automatically and
come back up to 5x more often

According to NPD, 7 out of 10 customer
dining choices are now influence by
where they can earn more with a
rewards/loyalty program. Let us help make
your restaurant marketing the best in your

Our Einstein will
automatically reach out to
your customers who haven't
been back in a while

60% of diners only visit one time! Our
Einstein Retention Software changes that.
Einstein automatically sends your
customer a text message with a
compelling offer when that customer has
NOT visited in the last 30, 60, 90 + Days.

Birthday programs? we have
those covered too

On your customers birthday, they’ll now
receive an automatic text message with
an incentive to come to your restaurant
for their birthday (and bring their friends)!
Taking your restaurant marketing
to another level.

Use the power of Text
Messaging Marketing to
drive traffic and increase
your restaurant sales

Our “Shout-Out” feature gives you the power
to promote directly to your customers phone
through text message marketing.
With a 98% open-rate, your guests
are sure to see your promotion
and come in for a visit!

Our guarantee– restaurant
marketing that's effective and
easy to Use

Our loyalty and rewards technology was
developed by restaurant operators for
restaurant operators! We make it easy to
use and the most effective marketing tool
to increase your sales.

Increasing your sales is easy with our plug & play system.

Attract new customers and have regulars come back in more often
with our all-in-one marketing solution for restaurants.

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