Marketing Automation

Created by operators for operators. We
desined your VIP platform to be easy for
your management team and your customers.

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It’s easy for your customers to sign up

We’ve perfected the art of sign-ups for your VIP platform.
In fact, we have 50-70x more sign-ups for our clients platforms than a typical email club.


ways we changed the
way customers sign
up for loyalty


Restaurant marketing made easy

See your results at any time

Our Admin panel lets you have access to
your results instantly. Your top guests, visits
per locations, sign-ups per day, and reward
redemptions are just a few data points
you’ll have at the click of a button.

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Your customers get rewarded

VIPinsiders make loyalty easy. Finally, no more
tablets at the register, punch cards to keep
up with, or constant emails to be sent.
We’re your all-in-one mobile loyalty program.

Your customer will be able to “Check-In”, earn
rewards, and be able to view your promotions
all through their own mobile phone.

Reward your servers who sign
up the most VIP members

We know server competitions are difficult
to track and time intensive.
With VIPinsiders, your customer will be able
to write in which server signed them
up, making it easy to view on your admin
panel and credit the best servers at the
end of the month.

Birthdays are a reason to
celebrate with your
increased sales

We want to make sure every one of your
customers birthdays are celebrated at
your restaurant. That’s why we created our
Birthday Automation feature.


Never lose another customer
with Einstein Retention

Einstein will automatically send a text
with an incentive to your customers if
they haven't visited in 30, 60, 90+ days!
Which alone can increase your overall
sales by +8% or more.

Let us market your restaurant for you

We’re trusted by restaurants nationwide to hit their marketing goals each year.
Get a whole marketing team behind your restaurant without having to hire a
single new employee.

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