Loyalty and Rewards

Increase your sales by increasing the
frequency of customer visitation.

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We build a custom VIP Rewards platform as unique as your restaurant

Our team will build your own mobile restaurant rewards and loyalty program. VIPinsiders hires industry experts to use all of your branding, promotions, and researches your menus to build the perfect VIP platform for your restaurant.

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Send the right message
at the right time

We know that time is of the essence

Typically we can build and launch your platform in an industry leading 7-10
business days! Our process is to research your brand, build your platform, train
your staff, and then get ready for the big LAUNCH DAY. We even provide all the
printed materials and social media templates to ensure your success.

We know that traditional
loyalty programs do not work.

Punch cards, email clubs, and “points”
earned on the cash register are not effective
marketing programs... In fact, according to
Edgell Knowledge Network, 81% of
customers say point based loyalty programs
are rated “too confusing” or “not
compelling” enough to use.

Here’s what’s actually

Mobile loyalty and rewards platforms
that are easy to use for your customers.
In fact, according to WBR research 93%
of businesses increased their revenue last
year with personalized reward strategies.

Your restaurant marketing
just got easier (and better)

Our technology was created for operators
by operators. Your VIP platform is designed
to work automatically without ever lifting a
finger! Your regulars will be rewarded for
their loyalty and your infrequent diners will
be incentivized to come back again.

“Sign up today and receive a

VIPinsiders is the only platform that has
been approved (by most) alcohol
commissions to reward and incentives your
customers with a FREE alcoholic beverage!
Having an “Sign-Up Offer” that includes
alcohol can increase your guest sign ups by

Real-Time Data

See your progress and enjoy the results!
On your Admin Panel you'll be able to see the
real-time data on each one of your locations.
Total members, daily sign-ups, revenue
generated, and your top 25 guests are just
some of the information you'll have to help
achieve your sales goales for this year.

Start winning customers
back automatically

Want to have customers
come back automatically?

Yes, it’s possible and the reason VIPinsiders
is the fastest growing restaurant rewards
platform. We can guarantee your guests
will visit more with our breakthrough
technology we invented.


Are you a local restaurant owner?

We specialize in effective restaurant marketing to make your life easier and
increase your sales.

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