Instantly get your marketing message directly
to where your customers spend 4-5 hours a
day - on their phone.

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Why sms marketing is so important for
the best restaurants

VIPinsiders makes SMS marketing for restaurants easier than ever before.
Have you noticed large brands, celebrities, and even politicians giving you their
phone number lately?

It's because the results of SMS (text message) marketing have been the best we've ever
seen amongst any other advertising medium. These great results are the same as when
emails first came out in the late 90's.

Restaurant marketing made easy

Marketing Campaigns

Next year's “Holiday Gift Card” promotion
will be 2x more effective with the power of
our automatic Marketing Campaigns. On your
very own mobile platform, all your promotions
will be seen without any other competing
advertisements from other restaurants.

Happy Hour

Use our marketing campaigns to let your
guest know about your “Happy Hour”
specials. Plus, our SMS scheduling software
will send them a reminder message right at
as they get off of work.

Lunch Traffic

Industry data shows that lunch traffic is
the lowest it’s been in the last four
decades. Our promotions tools can reward
your members by visiting during lunch and
letting them know about your lunch

Weekday Specials

Are you tired of sending repetitive emails
to customers? When building your VIP
platform we can make sure your weekly specials are featured and seen by all
your new members on an easy to use
mobile platform.

Server Competitions

VIPinsiders automatically tracks which
servers are signing up the most customers
with our technology designed for
restaurants. You'll be able to see exactly
who is making the biggest impact on your
marketing efforts.

Your Top New Customers

Your VIP rewards platform will
automatically track your top customers and
provide you with their visit count, their
phone number, and their favorite store
location. That way you can create special
promotions just for them.

Pick your audience, make an

Want to increase traffic to a specific store at
a specific time with a specific offer?
We make it easy to engage and delight
your customers automatically. Our team
of experts will build the right VIP platform
as unique as your restaurant to get your
promotions seen by the most amount of
customers possible.

Let us become your restaurant marketing partner

We're trusted by restaurants all over the nation to bring them the technology that
can automatically bring their customers back more often.

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