Einstein Retention Software

Revolutionary technology designated to
never lose another customer again.

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Meet our Einstein

Imagine never losing another customer again.
60% of customers don’t return after their 1st restaurant visit.
How would you like to make sure your restaurant can win them back, automatically?

Einstein was designed to do the work for you. Our technology notices when a
guest hasn’t visited lately and sends a compelling incentive (with an expiration) to
get them to come back again.

The Power of

Extra Visit

See how much additional revenue VIPinsiders can bring to your restaurant.

in annual revenue

How many guests visit per week?

How many locations do you have?

What's your average guest spend?

How many guests will sign up?

Start winning customers
back automatically

Einstein was designed to work for you, it’s
like having a new employee that works 24/7
with just one mission - bring more
customers through your door.


Einstein automatically sends out a text message with an
offer to your customers on their birthdays, anniversaries,
and when they haven't visited in a while!


Get customers to come back more often

We incentivize customers to come back automatically with our text-message marketing
made exclusively for restaurants - It’s called our Einstein Retention Software.

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